why you should have dietary fibers ?(fruits/salad)

we often ignore the most the important part of our diet ,oh wait ! but first what is diet ? people have made hype of this word “DIET” whatever we eat on daily basis is a diet .

1: fibers have satiety value which means it gives feeling of fullness that is why it is recommended to have any kind of fruit in replacement of preserved or packed food in your break/snacks time so that you will not feel hungry and prevent you from grabbing a fast food

2:low in calories though it keeps you full they are low in calories even if you are on fat loss diet it does not make much different in overall calories and also helps in fat loss goal

3: prevents constipation fiber rich foods such fruits , vegetables and whole grain prevent constipation and good gut function

4:works as a prebiotic and eliminate toxin from the body

5:improves your cholestrol levels and glucose tolerance, blood glucose levels in your body