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First of all what is keto diet?

it is basically a low carb , moderate fat & high protien diet which is mostly now you know what is basics of keto let’s get it to body what happens when we follow a keto diet ? our body is habitual of having carbohydrates in our diet as mentioned above keto consists of low carb intake when we cut down carbs as low as 5 gm per day our body reacts to this starts using lipid (FAT) as energy source which results in fats loss Our diet generally consist of carbohydrate eg:rice,grains,vegetables (SABJI) or we can say whatever we have it has some amount of carbohydrate in it this also called as energy giving food as it is energy giving food our body gives first preferance to carbs then lipids (FATS) and lastly protien if we follow this consistently or go hard on keto diet you might end up getting epilesy .