three basic things to know about weight loss 2020

As everyone becoming more concern about fitness and healthy lifestyle happy to see that (diet means eating only less )old type of psychology is vanishing &`if you still think so do not worry here i am to help to you all clear those myths

we will start with basics first , calculate your BMR (basic metabollic ratio ) that is how much amount of calories your body needs in resting position relax you do not need to know any mathematical algorithms to calculate the BMR there are multiple BMR calculator on the google also you can check here calculate

what to do for weight loss ?

There are three key main factors


2. weight training (for better and faster results)

3.good sleep


what to eat to for weight loss ?

very first thing you can do is cut down these few thing from your diet routine outside food ,preserved food,oily food ,over spicy & sweet

even doing these for 2 weeks you will see a slight difference but wait it is not over yet now that you have made your body to stay away from these things its time level up change the routine. why to change the routine ?keep reading i will tell you further about this next post . you have got your BMR as we discussed earlier take suppose your daily calorie intake is 3000 calories decrease the calorie intake slowly bring it down to 2000 calories/day here that myth part eating less calorie that doesnt mean you have to cut down food you just need figure the replacement of food that you are already eating and also keeps you full for example refer the picture below


so now that you got control over diet pump yourself because its time to make some ( gain of thrones) ;)!! joke apart program your diet accordingly that you burn more calorie than you eat example if you are eating 3000 then burn at least 3200 calorie/day make sure to put that extra effort & don’t give .This method will help you consume healthier and the food you want without any restriction “WANT TO EAT MORE BURN MORE” simple as that along with diet adequate amount of water intake is like a icing on the cake because it helps to boost !! you metabolism


A good sleep is must when it comes it weight loss 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended as it help to recover your muscle fatigue and aslo help to boost your metabolism and burn more fat

if you are lactose intolerant you can also check this