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Forward head posture .whats is it? how to cure it?

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i hope you all have gone through above pictures .we often use phones tablets & laptops it became more of addiction and less of need ,though we can’t completely stop using them instead we can cure & make ourselves strong. while using all these devices we are damaging our spine and posture if we take closer look to the second image we can see that with each fall in angle of your head the pressure on your spine increasing which can cause pain in posterior region of neck now exactly what happens internally your trapezius muscles are getting tighten and flexer muscles are getting weak pain can occur through out your mid back ,


first take your left hand behind your neck and place it as shown in the figure then lean forward slightly and face towards opposite direction of your left hand now stretch slowly by doing this your stretching trapezius muscle which got stiff .

crack your fingers now its to do some chin tucks ,stand or sit straight lean your head in forward direction as shown in the figure and then push back to the neutral position this exercise .