STOP ! Using bulky wallet

First of all have a look at picture below .

well you don’t have to stop use of wallets completely but first lets get in to what happens when you use wallet full of cards & cash which is soon going to be empty if you have girlfriend , wife or sister okay jokes apart lets get back to the topic we all human have natural tendency to keep wallet in rear pocket of your pants ,trousers But as you can see in picture above it is going to ruin your posture and also can cause severe lower back pain ,as pelvis (hip bone) comes direct contact with such uneven surface it creates (S) kind of structure you can see in the second picture which is not natural structure of spine


Answer is quite simple keep your wallet in front pocket keep reminding yourself to sit straight because your body adopted that bad sitting posture so even if you think that you kept your wallet in front pocket or just thrown it out of window & made your girl /boy pay your bill .sit back and chill because it takes time to get rid of that bad posture as your body got habitual of it might take few weeks or month also to recover from it .