sole water : what is sole water ?|Health benefits|myths|Detail use

sole water is basically made by purest alkaline water mixed with pink himaliyan salt 1/4 th of glass container & rest with pure water , we will be discussing about its health benefits of sole water ?, what is sole water ?

what is sole water ?

sole water is made of pink salt which is type of rock salt mostly found in himalaya , punjab region of pakistan

pink salt

this is how pink salt look like a bit white and pinkish , before buying any such salt named pink salt make sure it has some white texture cyrstal to it because pure pink color indicates that it has lot of impurities

why pink salt is pink?

The pink hue comes from the iron oxide in the salt

Talking about impurities why pink salt is recommended over white salt or table salt ?

hold on !! yes yes we are coming to sole water topic but lets understand the above query & then it

white salt contains sodium chloride and potassium in some of them may also contain idione , white salt has bunch of impurities because of that it undergoes lot of process , such as bleaching for brighter color , anti caking helps it not to get sticky and many more which gives it a quality of over processed food item

but pink salt has all these mineral along with 84 other minerals

sole is water saturated soloution of pink salt in 1/4 th quantity of glass container .

consumption of sole water is fastest and easiest to way to hydrate & give energy to your cells

which are claimed to have other crucial benefits

here is reference video to know more