should you take cold or hot shower?

Both are benificial in thier own way but the question arrives when ?

lets first talk about the cold shower (bath) when you do a intense workout your body is warmed up due it,immediately right after it taking cold shower will drop down the body temperature it gives a slight shock to your body as the blood flood is high up due to exercise here cold shower is beneficial because when you workout intensely wear & tear of muscle is taking place which is kind of damage but for a good cause as muscle grow stronger and bigger each time and taking cold boost the recovery process because it restricts any kind of inflammation , joint pain also whenever their is a cut or injury it is recommended to apply ice bag or cold water which prevents inflammation & restrict the blood flow to that particular area taking cold shower also tightens the skin

warm or luke warm shower is more likely to give relief to the muscles it also open up your skin pores which leads detoxification .