can you die from over drinking water ?|fatal cause?|stayfit

we will be discussing about the topic over drinking water

If you ever seen a cylclist riding in long marathon or marathon a runner

then you have observed they always carry sipper (bottle) along with them pretty obviously to carry some fluid in it or being provided some freshments while running but what exacalty ?it is not only water or glucose you should have though you feel like being thirsty as hell ,but here lets have a look what’s going on in your body, when you sweat alot in such intense activities your body depletes water & salt through sweat to recover this loss you should have ELECTROLYTES .what is electrolytes it is basically a combination of sodium ,magenesium,potassium . ohky now lets talk about reason why you all are here . does drinking only water will kill or not ,answer is yes as reasearchers but only when you glurp down over drink bottles it effects your cells of body which eventually leads to bloating of cells prominantely your brain cells which can cause severe brain damage and might lead to death .[so what if cells are bloating ?As they are bloating which means there size is getting bigger they will try to make space for themself which results causing damage to organs or tissue around it ].

how to avoid damage by over drinking of water ?

instead of just drinking water add ORS (oral rehydration solution) in it you can find it anywhere in medical store nearby you ,it has right proportion of essential elements recover from fluid level which where depleted while intense activity

so know you know how to drink water ,do you activity /exercise fullest and achieve great results .