kinesiology and exercise science


kinesiology is science of muscle testing ,it enables us to evalute and correct motor responses of central nervous system to create mental ,physical ,chemical and electrical balance when one of these areas are out health starts to decline a kinesiologist look closely at functioning aspects of why muscle strength could be imbalanced .


pain receptors within the body through the autonomous nerves system are everywhere and constantly sending messages as stress forms in the body these messages often being misfired or transmitted at lower frequency than the normal arriving at intented destination as weak testing of muscle enables kinesiologist to tap in the communication of central nervous system and get more effective results than any other therapy

is kinesiology really effective ?

results from kisnesiology can often be instant as message can once again speedly travel through the central nervous system .poor physical conditions in the form of headaches ,stomach upsets ,hormonal imbalances or even depressions this all indicates that your body is asking for help

what can you expect from a typical kinesiology session ?

it includes inspections of various aspects of a diet ,sleep pattern and physical alignment and also any emotional stress that are effecting you using technique such as chiropractic ,cranio therapy, acupuncture cognitive emotional work and biochemistry to regain balance back within the body to remove stress

Exercise science

what is exercise science ?

exercise science obviously uses science in every aspects of it but it is not just limited to medical part or special population it has vast range of variety like strength and conditioning ,endurance training ,agility and core strength as well as to improve a normal sedentary individuals to him/her lifestyle by applying exercise science which results healthy and happy lifestyle.

How does exercise science works ?

many people are facing problems such as depression ,anxiety, stress due various reasons exercise science is the best remedy to solve this because it has such effective training patterns which makes an individual feel good confident eg : if an obese person is eating packed food ,drinking alcohol and carbonated liquids , smoking all these activity leads to a boost of high cortisol levels in the body which eventually leads to unnecessary weight gain ,stressed out ,high blood pressure and cardiac disease by application of exercise science with suitable exercise programs he/she can over come these problems and live stress free and healthy life.

is really exercise science effective ?

it helps an individual or sedentary person to add some kind of body movements which leads to prevent chronic disease such as type two diabetes , cardio vascular disease due to obesity .

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