gym got banned fitness came to an hault in delhi

year 2019 fitness and fitness industry is at peak here in INDIA one notice by government and ka-boom!! 1000 & plus got banned in delhi which is capital of INDIA

Reason why it got banned ?

supreme court ordered a notice to seal gym which does not come under commercial sector as per DDA (delhi development authority) gym’s in the shopping malls are going to be allowed and the gym or which were established after 12 august 2008 are going to be sealed as per the notice

not only gym other branches of ftiness center like yoga and zumba comes under this norms of supreme court

adverse effects of the decision ?

Thousand of livelyhood are dependent on the gym businesss & fitness centers right from workers ,floor trainer ,P.T to gym manager & gym owner’s all these have only single source of income by providing service & training to their clients

now talking about clients people have become more aware and concerned about their health now com,pared to before working out at home may not be the choice of many because gym and fitness centers provide a ambiance and required atmosphere to workout and focus on their individual goals which we can’t get at home easily it is pretty obvious

commercial gym are highly priced and one cannot efford to buy gym equipments even if he/she decides to get a online training .and workout at home