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Fitbit versa India

fitbit versa india

why you should have fitbit or to be specific about this new fitbit versa in india ?

First of all we as a indian are becoming more aware of about health fitness it is great news in itself

But only working out in gym ,running on treddmil does not complete the process

There lot many things beyond that ,TRACKING your progress keeping eye on every single step you take towards your goal keeps you motivated .

And here comes fitbit versa as a life savior for example when a an individual has ton of things to do in day it becomes hectic to keep track on each and every thing especially our health .

Although we assign trainer for ourself or some of you might workout at home or just a normal jog or any other physical activity .

It is very important to track your basic parametes while performing such activties which includes calories expenditure , helps to improve BMR which bascially means that how much energy you are having through the food and how much you are burning it through the exercise sessions or any physcial activity this helps during gaining or losing the weight even through mainting it

Now coming towards the most lovable feature of the new fitbit versa

Continous heart rate tracking ,now those of you don’t know the fitbit versa is live tracking device for your heart don’t it does not require any surgery to perform but yeah we can call fitbit versa 24/7 doctor on our wrist

This feature allows us to montior the condition of our heart rate as we do any of rigirous physical activity or even while sleeping it montiors the quality of heart rate while resting your body

in many of cases peoplewho tend smoke alot or facing obesity these people are recommended by exercise specialist to bag in these gadget these are the people face cardio vascular disease more often

do not worry if you are one these work hard you surely achieve your goals and dreams

Advanced atheltes such as sprinters and long way marathon runners and cyclist are must keep to track on heart rate as it is most crucial thing to keep tack on.

Hope now you are clear with all your thoughts here is best but amazon link of fitbit versa