philips air purifier ac2887

We eat good ,we exercise enough ,but really are we inhaling pure air ?

My answer to this would be absouletly no

Because we think breathing effortlessly in major polluted cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and few other is only of smog and air full of harmfull pollutant

But here comes the philips air purifier ac2887 handy

day by day the increase in air pollution has been tracked expontentially

we can lose weight by doing diet and workout but apart from that we need healthy enovirnment to boost those efforts we took in the gym ,park or any fitness activity a good pollutant free air leads to various health benefits such as better sleep , less cardic issue , more energetic vibes and last but not a clean fresh air to breathe

if you are from of one such highly polluted cities you should get one for yourself and for your loved ones as it helps to simplify our lives & leads to towards a better life click here to get best buy offer from Amazon


  • High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA),  it is fine mesh that refines air and separates the dust ,harmfull particulates
  • AeraSense Technology: Real-time PM 2.5 measurement and display with professional grade sensing technology

How much area can philips air purifier ac2887 can cover?

441 sq ft on an average mostly recommend for living rooms or bedrooms

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