Age regression : what is it , detail ,symptoms , benefits of defence mechanism

age regression is such a important topic that we neglect it or find it too secretive to share / discuss with anyone infact person suffering from age regression him / her sometimes unware of what they are going through .

what is age regression ?

Age regression is mental state where an individual comforts with false or short / long term living in the earlier developement stage it act as defence mechanism in an individual where if a person gets in any of such situation He / She gets confront into a tough decision , gets disrespected , demotivated , insecured ,ego subconsiously to tackle such situation person starts doing things which gives them a mental peace .

age regression is called as PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder) or C-PTSD (complex post tramuatice stress disorder)

what are the symptoms for age regression ?

behaving like baby / toddler

chewing pen , when stressed

drinking excess milk


getting the childhood favourite toy all time around

why age regression occurs ?

There are various factors that effects such as childhood parent abuse , bullying, sexual abuse age regression can occur at any age .

Benefits of defence mechanism ? ( AGE REGRESSION)

age regression is limited to beneficial in short term when a person finds a way to comfort him/her when get any such situation triggers the defence mechanism to cope up with

most of the time physcologist put such people into stage where it intentionally triggers the regression to heal the past from the roots of the problem and fix it accordingly

relaying on this mechanism is not so beneficial in long term as it can damage a person emtionally ,physically , mentally