4 Tips to abosrb more protien

A short introduction to protien : protien is macro nutrient that is essential to build & recover wear tear of muscle it is mostly found in animal products its is also present in other sources such nuts & soya bean etc..

1l First calculate the daily protien requirment of your body .how to calculate it ? well dont worry it is not a rocket science ,lets assume your weight is 60 kg multiply it by 2 therefore 60*2=120 .120 gm of protien is what your body needs per day

now you all know that how to calculate your daily protien requirement lets head towards tips ,to accumulate such large amount protien won’t be possible to digest in a one go or even in two sittings so instead of having large meals divide your protien intake into smaller meals and also add some amount protien in every meals you take, which results it to be absorbed by your body & easy to consume at the end of the day along with carbs & lipids (fats) you will reach your daily requirement of protien & reach your goals.

2] probiotic is good bacteria it present naturally in curd (dahi) kefir you can add this both dairy products. well, what happens when you add probiotics in your diet ?


it keeps your digestion on point which and your healthy which eventually leads to good protien abosrbtion, if you are lactose intolerant don’t worry probiotics also helps to digest some of the the dairy products too .

3] Rotate the protien source

rotate protien sources

benefits of swtiching or changing your priotien sources with a specific interval time. what it does? it shocks your gut or digestive system which results not to adapt the same routine consistently which helps in better & more digestion of protien .


unlike fats ,carbs lipase and amylase are the enzyme which helps in their breaks respectively ,same goes with protiens which break down by protease enyzme these enzymes are produce naturally behalf of this you can have there are various enzyme supplement in market you can have wiuth proper consultation